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Founded by Disney

Celebration, Florida, is a vibrant mosaic of small-town charm and modern living, where the picturesque streets are a backdrop to a life rich in community spirit and diverse experiences. The town's heart beats in its varied culinary scene, ranging from gourmet restaurants to quaint cafes, complementing the year-round calendar of community events and festivals that foster a deep sense of togetherness. This idyllic setting is further enhanced by an array of activities for all ages, including serene nature trails and world-class attractions nearby. With its top-rated schools, safe environment, and a perfect blend of tranquility and convenience, Celebration is not just a place to live, but a place to thrive, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a harmonious lifestyle.

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Choice of Champions

Clermont, Florida, presents itself as an enticing blend of natural beauty and active living, set against rolling hills and pristine lakes. Known as the "Choice of Champions," this gem in the heart of Florida is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting scenic trails, picturesque waterfront parks, and renowned athletic facilities. Clermont's historic downtown, with its quaint shops and local eateries, offers a slice of classic Americana, while the weekly farmers' market brings the community together, showcasing local produce and artisanal goods. The city's commitment to health and wellness is palpable, with numerous fitness events and facilities, including the National Training Center. Clermont, with its inviting climate, friendly community, and balance between recreation and relaxation, stands as an appealing destination for families, athletes, and anyone seeking a life that embraces both nature's tranquility and vibrant community living.

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Davenport/Haines City

Heart of Florida

Davenport and Haines City, nestled in the heart of Florida, offer a unique blend of peaceful suburban life and convenient access to the state's famed attractions. These neighboring cities are characterized by their lush landscapes, affordable living, and a slower pace of life that appeals to families and retirees alike. Davenport, with its charming, small-town feel, provides a respite from the hustle and bustle, while still being minutes away from the excitement of theme parks and entertainment complexes. Haines City, known for its citrus groves and the iconic Ironman Florida event, boasts a rich agricultural heritage and a growing community that values outdoor activities and cultural events. Together, these cities offer a balance of serene residential areas, local dining and shopping experiences, and community-centric activities, making them attractive for those seeking a harmonious blend of quiet living and easy access to urban amenities.

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Dr Phillips

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze

Dr. Phillips, a prestigious suburb nestled in the heart of Orlando, Florida, is renowned for its upscale living, top-rated schools, and its proximity to the city's famous attractions. This affluent community, named after citrus magnate Dr. Phillip Phillips, boasts a harmonious blend of luxury and leisure. The renowned Restaurant Row, a dazzling stretch along Sand Lake Road, offers a culinary journey with its array of fine dining and casual eateries. Dr. Phillips is also a cultural hub, home to the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, where residents and visitors enjoy world-class performances. The area's scenic parks, including the picturesque Dr. P. Phillips Community Park, offer a tranquil escape with their lush landscapes and recreational facilities. With its combination of serene residential neighborhoods, vibrant culinary and cultural scene, and a location that's just a stone's throw from Orlando's theme parks, Dr. Phillips not only promises a high quality of life but also delivers a living experience steeped in sophistication and convenience.

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A community of neighborhoods for families!

Kissimmee, Florida, is a vibrant city that exudes a unique blend of adventure and relaxation, making it an appealing destination for residents and tourists alike. Known for its proximity to world-famous theme parks, Kissimmee offers an exhilarating experience while maintaining a warm, community-oriented atmosphere. The city's historic downtown area, with its charming boutiques and local eateries, reflects a rich cultural heritage and a commitment to preserving a friendly small-town vibe. Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes, including the picturesque Lake Tohopekaliga, ideal for boating, fishing, and wildlife observation. Kissimmee's diverse array of festivals, rodeos, and markets, such as the popular Osceola County Fair, further enriches its social fabric. For families, retirees, and adventure-seekers, Kissimmee presents an attractive mix of suburban comfort, easy access to urban amenities, and endless opportunities for outdoor and leisure activities.

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Lake Nona

A Community of and for The Future

Lake Nona, in Orlando, Florida, stands out as a forward-thinking, master-planned community, renowned for its emphasis on innovation, health, and sustainability. This neighborhood, often dubbed a "living lab," seamlessly integrates technology and wellness into its infrastructure, making it a beacon for those passionate about a modern, active lifestyle. Lake Nona's sprawling green spaces and miles of trails encourage outdoor activities, while its commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in its energy-efficient buildings and extensive use of solar power. The community is also a hub for medical and research facilities, including the cutting-edge Medical City, which attracts professionals and families seeking a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment. With a mix of art installations, diverse culinary offerings, and community events, Lake Nona is not just a place to reside; it's a vision of the future, offering a unique, holistic approach to community living that fosters a sense of belonging and innovation.

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Horse Capital of the World

Ocala, Florida, affectionately known as the "Horse Capital of the World," offers a unique blend of natural beauty, equestrian heritage, and a relaxed lifestyle. This city, set amidst the rolling hills of Marion County, is a haven for horse lovers, boasting numerous thoroughbred farms and training facilities, and hosting prestigious equestrian events that draw visitors from all over. Beyond its equestrian fame, Ocala is adorned with stunning oak-lined streets and abundant green spaces, including the expansive Ocala National Forest, which offers myriad outdoor activities like hiking, swimming in crystal-clear springs, and camping. The historic downtown area, with its well-preserved architecture, art galleries, and local boutiques, reflects Ocala’s rich history and commitment to community. This blend of pastoral beauty, outdoor recreation, and a strong sense of community makes Ocala an appealing choice for those seeking a serene yet vibrant lifestyle, steeped in natural beauty and a rich equestrian culture.

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Winter Garden

Where Good Things Grow

Winter Garden, nestled in the heart of Central Florida, is a charming blend of old Florida elegance and modern convenience, making it a delightful place to live and visit. Renowned for its historic downtown district, Winter Garden captivates with its cobblestone streets, lined with an array of unique shops, restaurants, and cafes, all exuding an inviting small-town ambiance. The centerpiece, the West Orange Trail, offers residents and visitors a scenic route for biking, jogging, or leisurely strolls, winding through the city's lush landscapes and lakes. Winter Garden's thriving arts scene, showcased in the local theater and frequent art festivals, adds to its cultural richness. Family-friendly and community-focused, the city hosts weekly farmers' markets and seasonal events that bring the community together in celebration. With its perfect fusion of historic charm and contemporary living, coupled with its proximity to Orlando's attractions, Winter Garden is a hidden gem offering a quality of life that balances tranquility, community, and excitement.

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Winter Haven

The Chain of Lakes City

Winter Haven, Florida, renowned for its myriad of crystal-clear lakes, offers a tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle, attracting those who cherish both serenity and community engagement. This city, affectionately known as the "Chain of Lakes City," boasts over 50 lakes, many connected by canals, making it a paradise for water enthusiasts. From boating and fishing to water skiing, the lakes are the heart and soul of Winter Haven, providing a picturesque backdrop for both recreation and relaxation. The historic downtown area, with its charming blend of shops, restaurants, and cafes, forms the cultural core, where regular events and festivals infuse life with a sense of celebration and community. Winter Haven is also home to the famous LEGOLAND Florida Resort, which adds a unique dimension of family-friendly entertainment. This blend of natural beauty, a vibrant downtown, and a close-knit community makes Winter Haven an appealing destination for families, retirees, and anyone seeking a peaceful life that doesn’t compromise on accessibility and enjoyment.

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Winter Springs

North Orlando

Winter Springs, situated in the heart of Florida’s Seminole County, offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and suburban comfort, making it an ideal locale for families and individuals seeking a peaceful yet connected community. This city prides itself on its well-maintained neighborhoods, excellent schools, and a strong sense of community that is palpable throughout its tree-lined streets. Central Winds Park, the city's largest recreational area, is a hub of activity, offering residents a plethora of outdoor activities, from sports fields to scenic walking trails. Winter Springs’ commitment to community is further evidenced by its array of events, including the annual Winter Springs Festival of the Arts and the Hometown Harvest, events that celebrate the city’s culture and bring residents together in festivity. With its proximity to Orlando's urban amenities yet maintaining a small-town feel, Winter Springs strikes a perfect balance, offering a serene and family-friendly environment that doesn’t stray far from the conveniences of city living.

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